KNOSYS Software

A Letter from Shelia Lendman

KNOSYS was organized in 1995 by a small group of scientists in response to numerous requests by investigators who wished to duplicate or purchase the small animal olfactometer first described by Slotnick and colleagues in a series of papers on behavioral and neurobiological aspects of odor learning in rats and mice.  The earliest product versions and software, designed around the Apple IIe computer combined with a relatively primitive interface, soon evolved to a more sophisticated instrument that employs virtually silent pinch valves to control delivery of the stimulus, a USB based digital interface compatible with all Windows operating systems, and highly flexible software routines for automated initial training and discrimination training using odors or taste stimuli or a combination of both stimuli. 

KNOSYS established a web site in 1998 but has not advertised its products.  Inquires have come from ‘word of mouth’ and citations in published reports.  To date, KNOSYS products have been installed in more than 50 universities and research centers world wide including those in Australia, Israel, Russia, Europe, Korea, Japan, and the United States. About 200 published reports in scientific journals have used KNOSYS products.  Indeed, the KNOSYS small animal olfactometer has become the unofficial standard for small animal olfactometery.

Recently, KNOSYS has expanded its product line to include a simple, low cost but very effective odor generator for fMRI studies, a combined olfactometer and gustometer, and a vapor generator for EOG research. 

A guiding principal in the design of KNOSYS equipment is simplicity.  We produce functional robust units that are easy to use and, if needed, easily modified.  Our major effort goes into quality components, not fancy packaging or enclosures.  The open architecture design makes all components, including wiring connections, available to the user.  We hold no patents on our products or software routines and are pleased to assist ‘do it yourselfers’ to duplicate any of our products.  Despite this, all users we know of have found it more convenient and less expensive to purchase these as ready made systems from KNOSYS.

We are interested in insuring that the equipment we sell will meet the needs of investigators.  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the capabilities of our systems and whether they would provide the best solution for your planned studies.

Thank you for your interest in our products.

Shelia Lendman,
Marketing and Sales, Knosys Olfactometers Inc.